Hi, I'm Felicia!

~ Currently, I am a Psychology Ph.D. student at Princeton University. I research infants as a way to understand the beginning of human cognition. Here is my CV. For a visual summary of my research, here are my research posters: [1] [2] [3] [4].

~ I am seeking Data Science opportunities to explore big data, apply statistics and help companies grow. I am also interested in conducting user experience research through the lens of behavioral science. In addition, I enjoy creating data visualization! Here is my resume.

~ My interests/hobbies/things I do to unwind can be summed up by the podcasts I listen to and love: Eater's Digest, Who Weekly, The Cut on Tuesdays, Forever35, Still Processing, The Daily, Adulting, My Favorite Murder, Bodies, Switched on Pop, Call Your Girlfriend